Covid-19, Quarantine, Isolation, Distancing: A “New World” unfolding….

We are all learning beings. We educate ourselves. We try to adapt and survive. And, for our mental health, we need to stay in touch more than ever and share.

As our workshop facilitators work to reinvent their programs into virtual formats, we are committed to staying connected within our community, and beyond. Therefore, we are expanding our platform to encompass all age groups (children, parents, adults and seniors) that may be struggling to adapt to this new pandemic lifestyle. We encourage you to also share your thoughts on the evolving world events that are impacting us, and how you are learning, leading, and teaching your children or grandchildren.

Please explore our BLOG articles to stay connected. Please comment or submit an article, yourself, for consideration (email:, to share your experiences, and support others.

As we navigate this altered experience, and take baby steps forward, we understand we truly are all in this “new world” together.

Please stay safe, and connected!

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