Connect-To-Success is a team of childcare professionals and play therapists that consult, guide, and educate in Vancouver. Our presenters are experts in their field and they offer presentations on a wide variety of topics related to children and their caregivers.

Our goal is to provide the most amazing presentations and workshops to anyone who cares for children: workshops that will inspire and deliver the current up-to-date research on child development.  The workshops we offer educate and promote new ideas so you, your staff, and/or caregivers, can connect and understand children on a deeper level: more effectively, and empathetically.

As you know, Professional Development Workshops are an important part of the Early Childhood Education (ECE) field. Workshops are designed to keep you current with the  research and latest ideas and approaches available in the childcare field.  Our workshop presenters strive to educate and promote new studies and/or new programming activities in an atmosphere that will inspire ECE teachers to work most effectively with the new generation of children in their care.  ECE teachers who received their certificates 10 to 20 years ago know that it was a vastly different in childcare then. It is important that teachers’ skills are revitalized and developmentally current for this new generation of babies, toddlers, pre-school and school-aged children.

Invest in yourself, your centre, and your team of childcare workers by providing opportunities for professional growth.  Our instructors pride themselves in delivering dynamic, topical, interactive and interesting presentations.  They strive to keep informed with the latest research as it unfolds, keeping you and your staff up-to-date.  These workshops also allow participants to openly and professionally share concerns and experiences with each other facilitated by our experienced presenters, in safe, non-judgemental atmosphere.

For parents, we are here to provide guidance for challenging issues, and to offer support in many areas of parenting and discipline.  It’s proven that parents who are confident and decisive raise children who will be more secure and trusting.  You can learn ways to be the authority figure your child can stay connected to and turn to, throughout their turbulent developmental stages.  Our parenting workshops also help develop skills you may need to stay engaged and connected to your child, understand how to match your parenting style to your child’s temperament and, most importantly, how to build a relationship with your child that will equip all of you for the future.

Inspiration is our goal, always.

Our themed workshops are two to four hours in duration, and can be presented conveniently at a location of your choice. Please note, some of the workshops listed can have the hours applied toward an ECE license renewal.  Please ask for more information when registering.

Please peruse our Services and Workshops, and contact us, so we can help you be the confident influencer in your childcare setting. This is an investment in yourself, your child or children, your centre, and your caregiving team.