Children and Families

  • How are you peeling? Foods with moods – By Freymann, Saxton/Elffers
  • Wemberly Worried – By Kevin Henkes
  • The Kissing Hand – By Audry Penn, Rut Harper
  • Owl Babies – By Martin, Waddell
  • How full is your bucket? – By Tom Rath/Mary Reckmeyer
  • Have you filled a bucket today? – By Carol McCloud
  • How to be a friend – By Laurene Brown
  • Sometimes I worry too much, but now I know how to stop – By Dawn A. Huebner
  • When my worries get too big! – By Brenda Smith Myles
  • Personal Space Camp – By Julia Cook
  • Whole Body Listening Larry at School – By Elizabeth Sautter & Kristen Wilson
  • Pocket Kisses – By Willa Perlman
  • Mom and Dad don’t live together anymore – by Kathy Stinson


  • How to talk so kids will listen & Listen so kids will talk – By Adele Faber
  • Positive Discipline A-Z – By Jane Nelsen
  • Highly Sensitive Child – By Aron, Elaine N, PHD
  • Anxious Kids, Anxious Parents – By Reid, Wilson
  • Family Ties that Bind – By Ronald Richardson
  • No Drama Discipline – By Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne, Ph.D.
  • The Whole-Brain Child -By Daniel J. Siegel, M.D. and Tina Payne, Ph.D.


  • The Zones of regulation – By Leah Kuypers
  • We Thinkers – The incredible Flexible You – By Michelle Garcia
  • Empathy & Social Awareness – By Michelle Garcia
  • Cultivating Outdoor Classrooms – By Nelson Eric
  • I’m Ok! Building Resilience through Physical Play – By Jarrod Green
  • Loose Parts: Inspiring Play in Young Children – By Lisa Daly and Miriam Beloglovsky
  • Emergent Curriculum – By Susan Stacey
  • How the brain influences behavior – By David A Sousa


Online Resources