By Maria M, Aug/2020

My sister came up with an idea for her Baby Boomer siblings. She started an email with a reminiscence or story and she passed it on to me and I added mine, and I passed it on to my brother, who passed it on to our other brother, etc.

Over the months it has become a very extended email but it’s also become a fun way to find out things we never knew about each other, or made us laugh at things we’ve forgotten. I know people are grateful to be alive and no one wants to complain but we, as Baby Boomers, were nurtured on socialization. As children, we went in and out of our neighbours’ houses and we played outside until it got dark or when our parents started calling our names to come home.

So, if we must be content now with the cold realities shown us on a faceless computer screen, at least we can be warmed by stories that we used to share while sitting around a campfire.

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