By Margarita, the LOL Library Lady


Hey Parents, below is an outline of a great summer activity for kids who like to read, and even reluctant readers. The payoff could be simply: “Hey, I could write my own cool book, too!” And, it may keep them reading all through their vacation, as well.

Ask: What’s your favourite book authors? Have you ever thought to write them? Would you like to ask some questions about the stories you love, or how he or she writes them? 

(I can help with that! See the sample author questions in the enclosed PDF.)

I know for a fact that authors love to hear from their readers, and they often write them back! Here’s a story of how a group of kids at the library got a personalized letter, and a signed poster, backfrom their favourite author: Mo Willems.(“Don’t Let the Pigeon…” books, and “Elephant & Piggie” books, etc.)

I helped the children in Grades 1 and 2 (and their teen reading-buddy “coaches”) put together a package in which we asked Mo a ton of questions. We told him about us and why we liked his books, and we even drew him pictures of “suggested” book covers of new stories he could write. (For example, “Don’t Let the Pigeon Play with the INVENTIONS!” lol.)

AND, he wrote us back! It was amazing!

So, if you want to tell your favourite author that you’re a super-fan, please use the suggested template of questions provided. Don’t forget to include a drawing of the character you most like in your favourite book(s).

Also, do check out your local library’s website for this summer’s modified TD Summer Reading Club, and/or sign up on this fun site:



PS– A fun “rule” this summer: Let kids choose their own books.

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